I Wish . . .


So, I’d started this song weeks before I arrived in Nicaragua for a summer
writing retreat with FREEBO.  He really liked it, but he asked “Don’t you want
a chorus?”  So we added one.  I WISH by me and Freebo.

      1. Carey Appel - I Wish

You May Want to Marry My Husband

So some of you may have seen the March 3rd, 2017 “Modern Love” article in the New York Times entitled “You May Want to Marry My Husband” written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. (read here)
It was written on Valentine’s Day and and published shortly before she died. It was so beautifully written and struck such a chord that I needed to learn more about this amazing woman. I went to her website and watched “Beckoning the Lovely”. I was transfixed. Beyond moved. Something made me want to put her article to song. And here it is. My tribute to Amy Krouse Rosenthal. A remarkable woman who sadly left her family, her friends, and this planet, way too soon.


      1. You May Want to Marry my Husband - Carey Appel



Tombstone Recording of “Pictures on the Wall”



“Stolen” by Carey Appel and Matt Kabus    CLICK TO SEE VIDEO


Behind the song “Trying to Please”

This song emanated from a disagreement I had when I was 8 years old.  I left the house, got on my bike, and rode down by the railroad track where the bike slid on gravel and glass and I fell off – ending up with a huge gash in my shin.  I interpreted this as punishment for talking back. . .

Somehow, I got the message that other’s voices and opinions were more valuable than mine; and I held on to a fear of disapproval. The title “Trying to Please” is a rejection of this long-lived scenario.

I believe we should all have a voice.

I believe we deserve to be comfortable in our own skin.

I believe we each offer something of value .   .   .


Q and A on “House of Cards”

“House of Cards” is the title song from the newly released CD.   .    .



I –  I understand the present song is different from the original.  Why did it change?

C- Well, my co-writer, Marc Platt, originally brought his version of “House of  Cards” to
me.  It was about the demise of a 10 year marriage.  I re-wrote some of it so that I could
sing it, but, truthfully, I never liked it.  It was too masculine, and I couldn’t really
get behind the subject matter.    .     .

I-  But everyone else liked it – yes?

C- Yes, EVERYONE!!  Of ALL ages!  My kids, music pals, even my husband.  And it was a
great song .   .   .

I- So what happened?

C- Lisa Nemzo (my producer) and I were putting a song list together for “Heather Road”, my new album, and I told her I couldn’t see using it.  She identified what was bothering me, and said “Why don’t you completely re-write it?”  And so I did.  I had this vision of a woman in a bar – having been there many times before, and on the precipice of not being able to do it anymore – you know, the siren thing. The age thing.

I- Wow.  Interesting.  And the “House of Cards” line?

C- The “House of Cards” is her aging, fragile self – – about to cave in at any moment – but
she decides to go for it one more time .    .    .because she can’t really help herself -she’s just
stuck.  It’s sad actually.

I- Any similarity here to your own life?

C- “Ha ha” – not really – at least not in the direct sense.  Aging, yes.  Flirting, yes.
But I never picked up guys in bars, or anywhere.  That was just never my thing.



Carey Appel/Marc Platt ©2012  Heather Road Productions ASCAP/Impossible Songs BMI


I catch your glance
Across the room
You got my attention now
A little too soon

But if you think
It’s nothing new
For me to end up
Leaving with you

House of cards
Come tumbling down
House of cards
Fall to the ground
House of cards
I may play this hand
House of cards
Cause I still can

Year after year
I do this dance
Empty vodka tonics
and shallow romance

Horse stud poker
Or solitaire
So many games
I can’t even share

House of cards
Come tumbling down
House of cards
Fall to the ground
House of cards
I’m gonna play this hand
House of cards
Cause I still can



This may be in- tox- i- cating
Doubt it’s anything more
What am I anticipating?
Another lonely score .    .    .

House of cards
Come tumbling down
House of cards
Fall to the ground
House of cards
I’m gonna play this hand
House of cards
Cause I still can


Soon to be released on the “House of Cards” album


My friend CZ Wick

Several weeks ago in March of this year, I lost a very dear friend quite suddenly.  He died peacefully in his sleep at 59 of heart failure.  I have lost many people in my life; a stepfather, grandparents, aunts and uncles –  distant friends, parents of friends, acquaintances, business colleagues.  But never a best friend.  CZ and I played music together and he even sang in some of my gigs last year.   A week after his death I woke up at 5 and began writing a song as a dedication to our long and close relationship.  It helped  immensely to process this loss and begin the long road of acceptance  .     .    .

If you’d like to hear “Dear Friend”,  I’ve posted it under the “LIVE MUSIC” page.