Singer/songwriter Carey Appel lays her soul bare on first-rate sophomore platter “House of Cards,” a confessional collection of 12 tunes that showcases her estimable writing skills. On the songs she’s penned, Appel has done stellar work on “Don’t Get Used to It,” the title track, “Trying to Please,” “Sleeping Outside Your Door,” “Words Don’t Fit Here” and “When I See You Again.” Keep an eye on this promising artist.

JazzWax – Wall Street Journal – May 11, 2013

“If you’re looking for a head-clearing album that’s as pretty as a picture, this is it. I melt when I hear female vocalists who remind me of Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Carly Simon and Laura Nyro. Carey Appel is one of them. Her ‘House of Cards’ (Dream Wild) packs a brash wallop and benefits greatly from Nashville production. Appel’s voice is strong and pure, and her songs are musically enveloping and lyrically meaningful. Sample Wish I’d Been There and Wait and See. Appel doesn’t waste any time capturing your heart.”


“Carey – Just opened my email to find your song and played it over again for Fred. We both love it. I am moved to tears by your poetry that retrieves this lost world that I knew and cherished. Your vocal range and quality are exquisite and bring the words to life.
Bottom line: the song is redemptive. By overlaying your sorrows and loss on the beauty and simplicity of the scene, you deftly handle the pain without being maudlin. You rescue Heather Road for me, Carey. You give me back the eucalyptus and ivy hills and what peace there was that counted for so much. I listen and can time-travel.
This song is a gift. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.”

Kathy L.



What a great musical performance last night!

You really had a special touch of soul and emotion that infused many of your songs that was riveting.

The ballad-folk style of many of your songs seems to capture and express feelings that make the listener want to hear more.

We left expressing our hope that we will be able to buy your new CD as soon as it is produced.

We had a wonderful time.”    Ronald D. Rosen


“Your music, your beautiful voice, your narration and sense of humor, were all wonderful, and the audience was totally there and completely into it. The music that you sang was just beautiful, including the new songs that I haven’t heard before.  You sounded and looked great on stage.”   Greg F.

“I had the best time last night!!!!  You were terrific.  So engaging and beautiful on stage!  Plus, your voice is amazing; so rich and evocative. I’m a fan.”   Lisa F.

“We so enjoyed the other night.  We both love your new style, a little western perhaps, it suit’s you.  I have the cd and play it in transit, I love it.”    Diane L.

@Genghis Cohen

Carey Appel begins her first in a series of Southern California performances with an intimate set at Genghis Cohen.  Here Carey’s true soul and exquisite voice resonated to a full house leaving all wanting more.